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Bawell antioxidant alkaline drinking water ionizer filter system prevents cancer makes you lose fat in Charleston, West Virginia For Sale

Bawell antioxidant alkaline drinking water ionizer filter system prevents cancer makes you lose fat
Price: $39
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New Bawell Premier 6 level Multifunctional Water Ionizer. (Filter Included)
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This Bawell Premier Water Ionizer is brand new and features the ability to produce Alkaline, Purified, and Acid water via its built in electrolysis and filter devices.  You control what type of water is produced by simply pressing the button located on the front of the device, requiring no complicated programming or start-up cycle, the machine is fully automated in that it produces automatically the water type selected.  You may produce 3 pre programmed types of Alkaline water (for drinking/internal use), purified water, and 2 levels of Acidic water (for external use).  There is an additional compartment for adding microelements (food additives,vitamins, medicine,etc).  If activiated water will also flow through this compartment to incorporate its contents into the water.  Replacement filters can be purchased for $39.99 from the Bawell company website
Why Buy the Bawell Premier Water Ionizer?
Low Price.
Low filter cost.
Lifetime Warranty
60 Day 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee
Economical to operate:  12 cups of filtered Bawell Ionized water will cost you only 1 cent!
Easy 5 minute installation.
Dont spend thousands of dollars on an overpriced Water Ionizer when you can purchase a model which is just as good or even better at half the price or less!   Compare this Bawell Premier brand water Ionizer to the other Brands and you will see that it possess superior features and produces the exact same water for a fraction of the price!  The Bawell brand also features the best warranty of all the brands!  Not to mention replacement filters for the Bawell Premier brand water ionizer are only $39.99 and each filter is good for xxxx Gallons of filtered water! They are the same activated carbon filters you purchase for the other brands except they are not overpriced at $80-$150.  Purchase the Bawell Premier model xxxx bwsm1 alkaline water ionizer which carries a Lifetime Warranty incase any repair is ever needed. Bawell Health Water LLC brand water Ionizers are also extremely simple to operate and install and best of all they are maintenance free!
The Bawell Premier water ionizer possess 5 solid platinum plates which go through a 5 second reverse self-cleaning with each start up and shut off as well as another automatic cleaning every 15 minutes of continuous operation ensure your water is electrolyzed to your utmost satisfaction.  The Bawell water Ionizer requires no maintenance or replacement save the one touch filter which requires replacement after xxxx gallons of filtered water.  At a use of 20 liters filtered water or 5 gallons filtered water per day the filter will require replacement once every 10-12 months. 
Benefits of Bawell electrolyzed Alkaline water after Electrolysis has at least the 3 following properties:
Bawell Electrolyzed Alkaline water contains affluent alkaline disrsolvable beneficial minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, etc.  While simultaneously removing harmful contaminants such as lead, acid, arsenic and other heavy metals. 
The molecular structure of Bawell electrolyzed water molecule clusters are composed of 5-7 water molecules as opposed to the 12-15 water molecules found in ordinary city municipal water.  Since electrolyzed water molecules are smaller in size they are able to penetrate into and out of the body's cells more easily than the larger 12-15 molecule chains.  Thus drinking electrolyzed alkaline water results in accelerated and more complete re-hydration of the body.  
Drinking Electrolyzed Alkaline water reduces the amount of free radicals present in the body.
Lifetime Warranty
Power and Voltage
Power Consumption
160Watts when working. Less than 4Watts when idle.
170 x 98 x 291 mm
(L x W x H)
3.0 kg empty
(3.5 kg with water)
Maximum operating temperature
60 degrees Celsius / 140 degrees Fahrenheit 
Applicable water pressure 
0.7~3.5Kg/cm about 15 lbs2
pH range: 
pH levels:
3 alkaline and 2 acidic levels and 1 filtered water only level
alkaline:0Mv ~ -420mV, acidic: 0mV ~ +600mV
Temperature protection device
Temperature activated auto-shut off.
Water Flow Rate (Flux)
3.0 liters per minute or 1 gallon every 1.5 minutes
Electrode Material
titanium coated with platinum
Electrode Quantity
5 platinum plates
electrolysis mode
continuous electrolysis
Electrolysis Strength
6 levels total:
3 Alkaline
2 Acidic
1 Purified Water Only
Auto reverse cleaning every 15 min of continuous use.  Cleaning at start up and shut off.
Water Purifying Device
activated carbon tourmaline filter or activated carbon only filter
Filter Capacity
xxxx Liters  xxxx Gallons
Filter Life
10-12 months at 20 liters of 5 gallons filtered water per day.
Filter Replacement
One touch removal and insertion. 
You may purchase Bawell replacement filters for $39.99 from the bawell website.
Warning for refined filter element.
Replacement Indicator on device.
The Bawell Premier water Ionizer comes with all parts and accessories needed for a successful installation:
You may install the unit on your kitchen wall with the wall mount pictured in the photo or simply set the unit on your counter and connect it to your faucet spout with the faucet adapter in the left of the photo below.   Directions on wall mounting can be seen in the video below.
Bawell Water Ionizers have been constructed from the finest materials with superior attention to detail to ensure a quality and long lasting product. This is why all Bawell Water Ionizers are covered by a Lifetime Warranty.
United Parcel Service (UPS)
You will have to pay tariffs if living in canada. 
Your item is insured against loss or damage in transit and will be replaced at no charge to you if lost or damaged in transit.
Tracking is provided.
Signature required upon delivery.
Visa, Master, or Discover Card
Money order/Cashiers Check 
Both the Bawell Premier and the Bawell Electrolyte Water Ionizers Feauture a 60 day 100% moneyback satisfaction guarantee!